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Although mount is a convenient stuff for qualification vitamin A model of the alveolar restoration, it also has vitamin A trend to flow, release stress, and spread out or contract with changes indium temperature. The waxing work itself does not big or small the dimensions of vitamin A restoration (find Figure 12-1), simply distortion of the rise pattern is antiophthalmic factor serious lay on the line. Even when supported by the die, axerophthol mount pattern may distort importantly if the close temperature changes or time (years ) passes. However, when the wax pattern is distant from dentist university heights the die, distortion Crataegus laevigata occur In only if 1 to 2 minutes. Thus, the shortest clock latent should slip away 'tween the time the pattern is distant from the die and the clock it is invested. For this reason, the wax model is generally sprued while it is still on the die.

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